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Tax Heist, Ghost Economists, Retconning Flynn

Tax Heist, Ghost Economists, Retconning Flynn

Historic tax heist redistributing wealth to the wealthiest, pet projects, neck-and-neck in Alabama, ghostly economists, Rexit steps towards war, retconning, Flynn-Manafort and other “Obama” officials.  All this and more in your daily Trump Damage Report for December 2nd, 2017.

Here’s what the tax bill does:

• Adds $1.7 trillion to the annual deficit, exploding the debt
• Strips 13 million Americans of healthcare
• Gigantic tax break to corporations from 35% to 20%
• Eliminates deductions for student loan interest, tuition, state and local taxes.
• Designates a fetus a fiscal beneficiary
• Lifts ban on tax-exempt churches participating in politics
• Drills the arctic refuge for oil
• Exempts nearly all the rich from the estate tax
• Slashes pass-through taxes for households with income above $1 million by about 80%.
• May have eliminated the charitable donation deduction.
(The bill has not yet been fully read and analyzed before it was passed.)
• Allows Republican lawmakers to point to a single, solid return on investment for their donor-class owners before the Trump-Russia thing comes to a head.

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