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“Fake News” – 60 Minutes Interviews a Peddler

“Fake News” – 60 Minutes Interviews a Peddler

What is true? What is false? Within the confines of definitions the liars who do the most damage dwell.  60 Minutes sits down with one of the most pernicious purveyors of falsehood.

Cernovich told 60 Minutes, however, that he believes everything he publishes is true. “They’re definitely not fake,” he tells Pelley of his stories. “One hundred percent true.” During the interview with Cernovich, the 60 Minutes team realized that the very definitions of words like “true” and “false” were not agreed upon by everyone in the room.

What surprised 60 Minutes producers who reported on “stories that are provably false” — and why arguing about it “is like going down the rabbit hole”

Source: What’s “fake news”? 60 Minutes producers investigate – CBS News

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