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White evangelical protestants believe nothing

White evangelical protestants believe nothing

The New York Times ran a segment, Trump Says Jump. His Supporters Ask, How High?, which you may have skimmed over this week that had some very astounding revelations.  When President Obama was in office, 30% of white evangelicals said they would forgive a president’s immoral behavior.  After Trump was elected, that number changed.  It is now 72%.  That is a 42% increase in the number of white evangelicals who say that, well, skin color certainly has a bearing on whether or not they are willing to tolerate immorality.

From Dan Savage’s own blog post on the revelation in his post about this, White Evangelicals Believe in Nothing:

Another illuminating fact from Edsall: according to three recent studies, the people who identify as most strongly Republican hold the most fluid political beliefs. “For many Republicans partisan identification is more a tribal affiliation than an ideological commitment,” The Times writes, citing a Brigham Young University study by Michael Barber and Jeremy C. Pope. Thus a “Republican” belief is whatever the guy at the top says it is. Democrats elect Presidents; Republicans crown kings.

Ideas are not important, but rather the tribalism that the group now identifies with.  The core set of beliefs are fluid, there is no truth, no set of tenets that remain sacred or ideals they cling to. It’s “us vs. them”, and the “them” is evidently skin-deep.

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